Supply Chain Management

Tech Allies specializes in Supply Chain Management. This specialization has enabled us to offer our clients both business and thought leadership in management of their supply chain as well as specific ROI on their SAP implementation.

Although the advantages of Lean Transformations and SAP ERP implementations are both recognized as world-class methods to improve performance, they are seldom integrated into a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution. This lack of integration leads to several performance-robbing issues:

SAP w/o Lean

  • Lack of flexibility; changes to deliver method, location, quantity, etc., time-consuming and expensive; rapid process improvement (kaizen) is restricted.
  • Increased labor and administration due to non-value added activities surrounding transactions, etc. (scanning, data entry, etc.).
  • Lack of inventory control and transparency within the manufacturing site; frequent reconciliation between ‘virtual’ and ‘actual’ inventories required.

Lean w/o SAP

  • Enterprise-wide lean supply chain / material handling systems frequently very manual; lack of centralized transparency and performance tracking.
  • Traditional lean supply chain / material handling systems don’easily integrate into other SAP enterprise modules; solutions to integrate data costly, custom, and high-maintenance.SAP Lean Supply Chain integrates Lean and SAP to address these issues and optimize supply chain / material handling performance.