System Upgrades

Sap Consulting

Upgrading SAP R/3 requires an experienced implementation, which provides significant integration and functionality to technologically; thereby enabling you to continue your business processes uninterrupted. Tech Allies Solutions also understands the importance of conducting an upgrade (or any project for that matter) in a way that ensures comprehensive SAP knowledge transfer to your team.

Through Tech Allies Solutions effective methodology, we allow the business to better leverage your SAP solution. Tech Allies Solutions Upgrade Team comprised of senior functional and technical consultants and Project Managers, are at your service to upgrade the R/3 system in a quick and cost effective manner, with continuous emphasis on knowledge transfer to your team and continuous involvement of your user community.

Our Approach
Our extensive experience and proven approach with SAP system upgrades enables us to streamline implementation tasks without compromising quality or knowledge transfer. We understand that upgrading SAP is a large undertaking that requires an experienced, dedicated team with close coordination between company staff and its consultants. Tech Allies Solutions offers a unique blend of business experience and SAP expertise to meet those requirements.

Project Preparation Phase
In this phase, the project plan is finalized through detailed workshop sessions in which best practice technical and business requirements versus SAP functionality are discussed. Detailed project planning, deadlines, documentation procedures and training needs are finalized with the goal of having no more unidentified or vague scope items.

Business Blueprint
Tech Allies Solutions assists you in determining how the new upgrade functionality supports business process requirements, including the creation of both the functional and technical design with definitions of gaps and potential resolutions.

Realization Phase
Tech Allies Solutions will begin this phase by working closely with your team to configure and validate requirements while ensuring that an adequate infrastructure is in place. When initial configuration has been completed, Tech Allies Solutions develops the appropriate scripts and testing scenarios and guides you through any necessary adjustments to the configuration.

Final Preparation and Go-Live
In this phase, Tech Allies Solutions assists you in delivering the training for the upgrade. Configuration, migration, user training and parallel running will be completed in preparation to the final phase. This will include final user acceptance training as well.

Go Live
Tech Allies Solutions will validate the live business process results to ensure that your requirements are being met by the delivered system. This includes testing that the system functions as expected and that infrastructure performance meets acceptable norms. We will also provide post-go live support during this period.

Post Production Support
Tech Allies Solutions believes that just because the go live has taken place doesn’t mean that the project has been completed. Our seasoned consultants are there to provide continued support past go live and into your every day business process.