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Linking yesterday with today.

With today’s ever-changing market, you soon realize that you constantly need to be on the cutting edge of technology. mySAP Business Suite allows you to achieve this. mySAP Business Suite is a family of solutions and an integration and application platform. It provides open business applications that maximize return on relationships by integrating people, information, and processes. These applications allow users to achieve consistent results across the business network — and provide the flexibility required to deal with the constant change inherent in today’s business environment.

By integrating people, information, and processes, Tech Allies Solutions allows you to transition from the systems you have been running for years, streamline your operations to achieve efficiencies, or simply build upon your current SAP system.

Tech Allies Solutions mySAP Business Suite Consulting includes:

• mySAP Business Portal
• mySAP Supply Chain Management (SCM)
• mySAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
• mySAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
• mySAP Marketplace
• mySAP Business Intelligence
• mySAP Financials
• mySAP Human Resources
• mySAP Business Warehouse (BW)
• mySAP Advanced Optimizer Planner (APO)
• mySAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM)