SAP LogoReal-world solutions for real-world problems.
Tech Allies Solutions’ SAP Platform and Project Delivery teams are comprised of technical professionals experienced with direct, hands-on SAP implementations. In addition, each member of a Tech Allies Solutions is thoroughly trained and has extensive real-world business experience, insuring solid and effective business process knowledge.

Tech Allies Solutions’ technical expertise spans the SAP technology field: from IS management, programming, and systems analysis, to software engineering and application development. Tech Allies Solutions’ platform and project delivery teams understand how to implement, configure, deploy, and maintain SAP in your enterprise. From migration from legacy systems to business process re-engineering with SAP, Tech Allies Solutions can show you the fastest, most effective way to get there.

Our Approach

Implementing and upgrading SAP R/3 can be a complex and daunting task. To be successful, requires an effective, experienced team. The most common upgrade scenario must provide significant additional functionality while fully supporting all business processes to continue uninterrupted. Tech Allies Solutions firmly believes that any SAP implementation must include the highest levels of knowledge transfer. Using Adaptive Response Mentoring this goal is accomplished and made an integral part of the project delivery process.

Tech Allies Solutions’ comprehensive enterprise implementation experience and proven, systematic approach to SAP system implementations and upgrades provides you with an effective and streamlined implementation plan. Rapidly upgrade and implement while training your internal technology teams using the Tech Allies Solutions’ Adaptive Response Mentoring program.

  • Business Blueprint
    Tech Allies Solutions assists you in determining how the new upgrade functionality supports business process requirements, including the creation of both the functional and technical design with solid gap and risk mitigation planning.
  • Project Preparation Phase – In this phase, the project plan is finalized through detailed workshop sessions in which “best practice” technical and business requirements versus SAP functionality are discussed. Detailed project planning, implementation timelines and milestones, documentation procedures and training needs are finalized.
  • Realization Phase
    Tech Allies Solutions will begin this phase by working closely with your team to configure and validate requirements while ensuring that an adequate infrastructure is in place. When initial configuration has been completed, Tech Allies Solutions develops the appropriate scripts and testing plans and guides you through any necessary adjustments to the configuration.
  • Final Preparation and Go-Live
    Tech Allies Solutions assists you in delivering the training for the upgrade. Configuration, migration, user training and parallel systems implementation/testing will be completed in preparation for the final phase.
  • Deployment/Go-Live
    Tech Allies Solutions will validate the live business process results to ensure that your requirements are being met by the delivered system. This includes testing that the system functions as expected and that infrastructure performance meets acceptable norms. We will also provide post go-live support during this period.
  • Post Production Support
    Tech Allies Solutions believes that just because the go-live has taken place doesn’t mean that the “project” has been completed. Our seasoned PPD teams are there to provide continued support past go-live and into your every day business process.

Real-world solutions for real-world problems

Tech Allies Solutions’ SAP Implementation Team is comprised of skilled professionals who have an average of over five years experience in direct, hands-on SAP implementations. This group also has an average of 15 years business experience, making our consultants well versed in business and business processes. Many of our consultants have business backgrounds as logistics managers, accountants, plant supervisors, production engineers, and chemists. Our technical expertise includes many consultants who are skilled in IS management, programming, systems analysis, software engineering and application development. We understand what it takes to be successful in deploying and maintaining SAP in your business, whether it is transitioning from the systems you’ve been running for years or streamlining your operations to achieve efficiency.

Tech Allies Solutions Core SAP R/3 Consulting includes:

Application Consulting

  • FI (Financials, Asset Management, Legal Consolidation, Cash Management)
  • CO (Controlling, Product Costing, Profitability Analysis, Profit Center Accounting, Activity-based Costing)
  • SD (Sales, Pricing, Commissions, Distribution, Transportation, SIS)
  • MM (Purchasing, Inventory Management, Materials Requirements Planning, Invoice Verification, LIS)
  • WM (Warehouse Management)
  • PP (Production Planning, Production Execution, Forecasting)
  • HR (Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits Management)
  • PM (Plant Maintenance)
  • SM (Service Management)
  • PS (Project Systems)
  • QM (Materials Quality Management, Production Quality Management, LIMS)
  • EH&S (Environment, Health and Safety)

Technical Consulting

  • Technical Lead Consultants
  • ABAP Development
  • SAPScript Development
  • EDI
  • IDOC’s
  • BAPI’s
  • Basis
  • Workflow
  • Security
  • ALE (Application Linkage Enabler)

mySAP Business Suite
Linking yesterday with today.

With today’s ever-changing market, you soon realize that you constantly need to be on the cutting edge of technology. mySAP Business Suite allows you to achieve this. mySAP Business Suite is a family of solutions and an integration and application platform. It provides open business applications that maximize return on relationships by integrating people, information, and processes. These applications allow users to achieve consistent results across the business network — and provide the flexibility required to deal with the constant change inherent in today’s business environment.

By integrating people, information, and processes, Tech Allies Solutions allows you to transition from the systems you have been running for years, streamline your operations to achieve efficiencies, or simply build upon your current SAP system.

Tech Allies Solutions mySAP Business Suite Consulting includes:

  • mySAP Business Portal
  • mySAP Supply Chain Management (SCM)|
  • mySAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
  • mySAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • mySAP Marketplace
  • mySAP Business Intelligence
  • mySAP Financials
  • mySAP Human Resources
  • mySAP Business Warehouse (BW)
  • mySAP Advanced Optimizer Planner (APO)
  • mySAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM)