Oracle Database Installation

Database Installation and Application Consulting
Whether you need to implement Oracle Applications for the first time, implement new modules, integrate with your existing applications, or upgrade to a new version,Tech Allies Solutions can build to suit your needs. If it’s a full team you need to fit your deadline and requirements or if all you need is one or two experts to carry your project through completion, our professionals are ready to serve you. With most of our consultants having two or more implementations under their belt and an internal regiment that demands a knowledge and experience level suitable to Tech Allies Solutions’ expectations, you can rest assured that the consultants provided will more than satisfy the task at hand.

Tech Allies Solutions Oracle applications solutions include:

  • Installation, Setup and Configuration
  • Database Design and Architecture
  • Maintenance and Performance Tuning
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Upgrades, Conversions, and Migrations
  • Oracle Application Server
  • High Capacity and Failover