Oracle Technology

Database Development

At Tech Allies Solutions, our knowledge and experience building some of the largest, most scalable custom end-to-end Oracle-based solutions allow our clients to undertake the most complex implementations with the confidence to succeed. Tech Allies Solutions consultants can architect, design, build, deploy, and manage efforts of all sizes. We insure our Project and Platform Delivery (PPD) teams have the requisite real world experience and capability to smoothly achieve the project/program goals while avoiding the pitfalls others are unaware of.

  • Database Design and Development
  • Oracle Portal
  • Oracle Application Server
  • SQL
  • PL/SQL

We take pride in our knowledge and experience in building custom end-to-end Oracle-based solutions. Our consultants are hands-on professionals with experience as program managers, project leads, data modelers and architects, and front end and report developers. We ensure our consultants have at least 5 years of experience and that that experience has left them with enough knowledge and understanding of exactly what it takes to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of the client and more importantly, the user base for which the application is built.

Database Installation

First time Oracle Applications implementations, new modules, application integration, or version/platform upgrade -Tech Allies Solutions can help you succeed. Tech Allies Solutions Platform and Project Delivery (PPD) teams can make your deadline. Our experts can mentor your staff through the project process such that at the conclusion of the project, your personnel are trained and ready to maintain and extend the solution. Solid real-world experience coupled with the Tech Allies Solutions Adaptive Response Mentoring (ARM) program ensures your project will be delivered to the highest quality standard, using the most effective methods, while building the knowledge base you need for your success long after the project has ended.

  • Installation, Setup and Configuration
  • Database Design and Architecture
  • Maintenance and Performance Tuning
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Upgrades, Conversions, and Migrations
  • Oracle Application Server
  • High Capacity and Failover

Whether it’s a full team you need to meet your deadline and requirements or just one or two experts to carry your project through completion, our professionals are ready to serve you. With most of our consultants having two or more implementations under their belt and an internal regiment that demands a knowledge and experience level suitable to Tech Allies Solutions’ expectations, you can rest assured that the consultants provided will more than satisfy the task at hand.

Database Warehousing

Tech Allies Solutions deep industry experience in the data management space building complex and highly interactive data warehousing and decision support systems uniquely qualifies us to guide our clients to success in these endeavors. Our data analysts and warehouse database administrators have the experience and skills needed to properly architect and design the largest scale databases. Using proven architectural and design patterns and well-practiced delivery methodologies; Tech Allies Solutions expertise provides the foundation our clients need to ensure on-time, on-budget project delivery. Naturally, key elements of the data warehousing solutions are designed in from the very beginning: performance characteristics, extensible points, and monitoring and control functionality, to name just a few. From scoping and planning, to ETL and reporting tools (Informatica or DataStage), Tech Allies Solutions provides the knowledge and experience our clients leverage for success.

  • Project Management
  • Hardware and Software Evaluation
  • Data Warehouse Tuning
  • Proprietary ETL Support
  • Informatica
  • DataStage
  • Business Objects

Our warehouse DBA’s are experienced in the design and architecture of large scale databases using proven methodologies and delivering exemplary results. That experience carries over to the administration and tuning of your database to provide the efficiency and accuracy your customer expects. Our warehouse developers are equally adept in their respective areas of expertise. Whether your project requires the services of a solid ETL person with excellent PL/SQL and SQL skills to support your growing warehouse or if the situation calls for a strong Informatica or DataStage developer with an Oracle background, Tech Allies Solutions is here for you.

Database Administration

The data layer is the key component of any interactive information system. The importance of a properly structured and effectively implemented database upon which the application layer depends cannot be overstated. The most important resources relative to this effort are the project’s database administrators. Tech Allies Solutions database administration resources have the practical, real-world experience necessary to guide your data intensive projects to success. From architecture and design, to deployment and back-up, Tech Allies Solutions can build success into your project from the start.