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Tech Allies Solutions provides industry-leading technology solutions based on the Microsoft technology platform that exploit real-world business opportunities. Microsoft systems power some of the largest, highest volume, extensible solutions built on the Microsoft platform. Available to more than 60 million users each day, these applications represent the state of the art of development on the Microsoft technologies platform.

The Architecture – It all starts here.
We provide our clients with the knowledge needed to succeed from the very beginning. The right architecture will dramatically reduce development costs and insure a smooth, easy path to system implementation, modification, and maintenance.

The Component Layer – Design and Win.
By guiding our clients through the software Analysis and Design phase of the software development life cycle, Tech Allies Solutions provides a clear, easy path to robust, fault tolerant technology solutions that will scale, extend, and meet all of the business goals set for them.

Integration and Construction – Buy what you can, build what you need.
Build versus buy. That question must be answered for each technology initiative. The Microsoft technology platform offers a very complete solution that can be used to build upon to rapidly deploy solid, robust applications that deliver on their return on investment promise. Tech Allies Solutions’ deep expertise with the Microsoft technology tools and integration points allows us to lead our clients to the best solution mix.

Test and Deploy – Finish it out.
Roll outs of completed technology products can be the most difficult phase of a technology effort. Tech Allies Solutions has mentored our clients through the most complex deployments on the Microsoft platform. Because we know where the risks are, our clients never have to.

The Microsoft Windows platform provides a complete implementation of integrated, high performance products that can rapidly provide real value in your enterprise. From web services to messaging, and database development to world-wide collaboration, Tech Allies Solutions can show you how to leverage these tools to get the highest return on your IT dollars.

Tech Allies Solutions can show your organization how to rapidly and effectively integrate these platform tools into your enterprise with the maximum benefit at minimum cost.

  • Microsoft Message Queue
  • Microsoft SQL Server (including Clustering, VLDB, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services)
  • Microsoft BizTalk
  • Microsoft Host Integration Server
  • Microsoft Web Services and Service-based Architectures
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server and Commerce Server
  • Microsoft Mobility Solutions (Pocket PC, tablet PC)
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration
  • and much, much more…

The Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment provides the most productive framework for software development on the Windows platform in existence. Tech Allies Solutions can show you how to use this remarkable tool in the most efficient, most effective ways to create fast, robust, scalable applications that grow with you, in both volume and capability.

  • Web services
  • Windows forms
  • Windows services
  • Mobility devices
  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • Managed and unmanaged C++
  • XML
  • ActiveX (COM / DCOM)
  • T-SQL
  • Source control integration
  • Development, build, and deployment processes/methodologies
  • Application architecture
  • Highly scalable applications
  • Highly extensible applications

The Microsoft Information Worker framework allows organizations to create sophisticated service-oriented architectures and consume those services using familiar tools, like Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

This set of technologies allows non-technical staff who need information to get it securely and reliably, using highly interactive Microsoft Office applications, and reduces the cost of support and total cost of ownership in the process.

  • Smart documents
  • Information bridge technology
  • Web services
  • XML
  • Microsoft Office integration

Tech Allies Solutions recognized leaders in the technology asset management field can guide your organization through the process of identifying, securing, tuning, deploying, administering and monitoring your server and network assets.

  • Microsoft Windows Server products
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Message Queue
  • Microsoft SQL Server (including Clustering, VLDB, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services)
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • Microsoft Host Integration Server
  • Microsoft Operations Manager
  • Third party monitoring tools
  • Network operations center processes and controls
  • Deployment and IP asset protection and control processes