This very popular and proven open source combination of Linux, Apache, mySQL, and PHP/PERL scripting (referred to as LAMP) can add exceptional performance to your enterprise at a very low cost.


Need to create multi-platform software? How about creating high-performance software that runs in a Unix/Linux environment? Java is the most productive cross-OS language in the marketplace today. Let Tech Allies Solutions show you how to realize the true potential of write once, run everywhere.
  • Java development environments
  • IBM WebSphere integration (including CICS, IMS, DB2 integration)
  • BEA WebLogic
  • Web services and GLUE
  • Java / J2EE development environments
  • Best practices
  • Build and deployment processes
  • Source control and configuration management integration
  • Security integration
  • and much, much more

Using Linux in the enterprise can provide a very effective, low cost solution for your information processing needs. With the proper experience, training, and tools, the Linux platform offers unparalleled customization, and can provide a very high performance enterprise class server based solution.
  • Installation and setup
  • Security and intrusion detection
  • Performance tuning
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Server administration
  • Windowing environment selection and customization
  • Tool selection and integration
  • Clustering and fault tolerance

The most popular web server in the world is the open source alternative entitled Apache. Learn how you can prepare, develop, deploy, monitor, and maintain this exceptional technology in your enterprise.
  • Installation and setup
  • Service level security and intrusion detection
  • Application level security
  • Performance tuning
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Server administration
  • Tool selection and integration
  • Clustering and fault tolerance


With mySQL being one of the most scalable database products for use in the Unix/Linux environment, combined with the right training and experience, mySQL can be the data management solution you have been looking for.

  • Installation and setup
  • Database physical design
  • Database logical design
  • Database implementation
  • SQL creation
  • Stored procedure creation and maintenance
  • Logical security design and implementation
  • Index selection and creation
  • Management tool selection
  • Application integration
  • Monitoring and performance tuning

php logo

With the right knowledge and experience, you can easily create dynamic content on the Linux / Apache environment using PHP or Perl script. Tech Allies Solutions can show you the best approaches, most efficient methods, most secure, and highest performance techniques to get the most out of your applications.

  • Script concepts
  • Script and file organization
  • Security implementation
  • Site design and implementation
  • Data integration
  • Logic and data tier integration
  • Logical security design and implementation
  • Management tool selection
  • Legacy application integration
  • Monitoring and performance tuning


The Architecture
It all starts here.
We provide our clients with the knowledge needed to succeed from the very beginning. The right architecture will dramatically reduce development costs and insure a smooth, easy path to system implementation, modification, and maintenance.

The Component Layer
Design and Win.
By guiding our clients through the software Analysis and Design phase of the software development life cycle, Tech Allies Solutions provides a clear, easy path to robust, fault tolerant technology solutions that will scale, extend, and meet all of the business goals set for them.

Integration and Construction
Buy what you can, build what you need.
Build versus buy. That question must be answered for each technology initiative. The Microsoft technology platform offers a very complete solution that can be used to build upon to rapidly deploy solid, robust applications that deliver on their return on investment promise. Tech Allies Solutions deep expertise with the Microsoft technology tools and integration points allows us to lead our clients to the best solution mix.

Test and Deploy
Finish it out.
Roll outs of completed technology products can be the most difficult phase of a technology effort. Tech Allies Solutions has mentored our clients through the most complex deployments on the Microsoft platform. Because we know where the risks are, our clients never have to.