Business Intelligence

Tech Allies Solutions can drive your projects to completion…each time, every time.

Why do 80% of all technology initiatives fail?

Many industry studies have been performed to answer this question. They all arrive at exactly the same conclusion – poor planning and execution.

In fact, the very reason most technology initiatives fail is because planning and execution is treated exactly like a technology problem. Project planning is remarkably different from technical architecture, design, and construction. When solving a technical problem, there are generally a number of different solutions, most often with very few optimal solutions. When solving project and program level problems, there are usually multiple valid approaches…and the best solution might be a combination of all of these approaches.

No one wants hard to use, unnecessary processes in their organization. It can be time consuming and offer no return on investment. So how much process is enough? How much is too much? Usually organizations only find these answers through trial and error. Tech Allies Solutions’ clients have the benefit of decades of practical experience defining and implementing lightweight, easy to use, and highly effective business processes that can help them insure the success of their current project and all of their future projects.

Tech Allies Solutions delivers all of this by using a repeatable, measureable process that have succeeded over and over again for many organizations. Titled the Structured Assessment and Response Template (START), this process is a complete solution for successful software development and operations. All of the templates, all of the artifacts, all of the practices are ready-to-use right from the start. They can be used as-is or tailored to your needs. They have been very successfully used with highly structured project management methodologies like the Rational Unified Process and with more interactive, less structured approaches, like Extreme Programming, and with all points in between.

Tech Allies Solutions can show you how to get the most benefit from the least amount of process overhead…

  • Project chartering and scope control
  • Quality assurance
  • Change management
  • Resource skills assessment
  • Resource planning
  • Artifact creation and maintenance
  • Build and deployment discipline
  • Monitoring and operations